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Announcement 1.13 Update
Dear players of Psychotic-Hell. I am pleased to announce that we have officially updated the server to minecraft/spigot 1.13. At the moment all of your previous builds cannot be placed since we're waiting on quite a few plugins to update like world edit
Announcement Update
Hello players of Psychotic-Hell! I am pleased to announce we have a little update today. I have added 100+ enchantments for you guys to use. I have also added every single one to the Enchantments crate. To get a Enchantments crate key you need to vote!
Here is my guide on how to create a shop.

First you need $5000 to create a shop. After that put a sign against a chest and use this format:

First line: [shop]
Second line: <amount you want to sell>
Third line: <Price>
Last line: either buy or sell

For example it should look like this:
Announcement We're finally back!
After 5+ months of been closes I am pleased to announce that Psychotic-Hell is back. Join with the same IP: play.psychotic-hell.com
Information Server Rules
Server Rules:

(1) No hacks/hackig (including client side hacks and hacking the server like ddosing)
(2) No griefing
(3) No spamming
(4) No asking for ranks/staff positions
(5) No advertising other minecraft servers, websites, discord, etc (Just no advertising at all)
(6) Don't beg
(7) No flying while robbing the bank
Information Forum Rules
Forum Rules:

(1) No insulting other members.
(2) No advertising.
(3) No ban evading.
(4) No hacking (like ddosing, hacking into the server, gaining access to other members accounts, etc)
(5) No Spamming.
(6) Don't beg.
(7) Be respectful.
Announcement Update
Hello players on Psychotic-Hell! For the last few weeks we have been working on the server everyday. The server is still in a WIP but its coming along quite nicely. We're very close to going public and would like to show you some updates we have done in the last day.

Crates, which when you vote or earn a crate key you then can open a crate using the key to obtain a prize like mob spawners, items, money, etc..............
Here is a guide on how to rob the bank for our server!

First go to the bank by using /warps or /warp bank
Then find the bank safe sign called [Robsafe] then right click it.


After that a chestface gui will open with a bunch of items/numbers. You will be required to put in a code. To find the code, highlight the bottom left item and it will show a bunch of random numbers. You will then be required to put those numbers in.....................................................
Information About us
Welcome to Psychotic-Hell. We're a Survival server with Grief Prevention and RPG elements. We first started around early 2017 and this is our second server attempt (not including our other server names we've had as servers) We have a claiming system called Grief Prevention which allows you to claim land to stop griefers, some rpg like plugins like McMMo, quests, etc and also .....
Information Server IP
To join our server use this IP: play.psychotic-hell.com