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Information Server Rules

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by Psychotic_OZ, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. Psychotic_OZ

    Psychotic_OZ Server Owner
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    Dec 19, 2017
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    Server Rules:
    (1) No hacks/hackig. (including client side hacks and hacking the server like ddosing)
    (2) No griefing.
    (3) No spamming.
    (4) No asking for ranks/staff positions.
    (5) No advertising other minecraft servers, websites, discord, etc. (Just no advertising at all)
    (6) Don't beg.
    (7) No flying while robbing the bank.
    (8) Be respectful.
    (9) No x-ray texture packs.
    (10) No exploiting.
    (11) You must always report an exploit if found.
    (12) No logging out during a bank robbery. (even if you're not robbing the bank)
    (13) No PvP logging.
    (14) Always respect staff members.
    (15) No using world downloading mods.
    (16) Swearing is allowed but keep it to a minimum.
    (17) No insulting other players.
    (18) Maximum of 40 placed hoppers per user.
    (19) Maximum of 10 placed mob spawners. (not including spawners that are combined)
    (20) No giving out personal information about other players/members
Thread Status:
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